Adelaide Polk Fuller Garden

The Fuller Garden is a 3.5 acre lighted display garden that highlights a dynamic representation of stone hardscapes, trellises, water features, and seasonal color plantings. The Fuller Garden also includes a comprehensive collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, and turf. 

Dedicated to Adelaide Polk Fuller, the Garden was designed to symbolize life’s journey. The trellis garden area represents the predictability of childhood; the trellises represent reaching milestones in adolescence. The warm colors found in the seasonal plantings represent the rushed pace of life. Seating near the trellises gives you a spot to ponder what you’ve done and where you’re going. The gazebo embodies the refinement of adulthood. However, behind the refined and stately gazebo is a playful cascade of water, representing Mrs. Fuller’s whimsical nature. At the reflection pond, one should be able to look back at both adulthood (the gazebo) and childhood (the trellis garden). 

The Fuller Garden is a rentable venue; click here for more information.

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