January & February

When you stop by the Botanic Garden in January or February, be sure to visit the Rain Forest Conservatory and the Japanese Garden. 

Warm air shelters the tropical plants growing in the Rain Forest Conservatory, allowing you to visit the tropics no matter how chilly the winter weather. 

The Japanese Garden remains green in winter thanks to the evergreens and bamboo planted throughout. However, after the deciduous leaves have fallen, you can see structures and statues normally hidden from view, giving the garden an open and airy feel. A few cherry trees may begin blossoming in the last weeks of February. 

What’s Blooming in the Botanic Garden:

Alyssum, Camellias, Creeping phlox/thrift, Drummond red maple, Flowering quince, Leatherleaf mahonia,  Narcissus,  Pansies,  Paperwhite Narcissus, Saucer magnolia, Winter daphne (Daphne odora), Winter honeysuckle, Winter jasmine, Witch hazel.

Seasons in the Garden