Photography in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Taking photos to document memories

Please read the section below that pertains to your visit as well the Garden’s rules and regulations.

Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. We encourage visitors to snap casual photos (for their personal use) and share them with us through Facebook and Instagram (#fwbg). We ask that you leave your tripods and additional equipment at home. You’re welcome to use a monopod. Please stay on all designated pathways and be sure to smile!

Buy a Photography Pass

The photography pass covers admission for three guests. If you have more than three guests, you will need to purchase additional admission tickets. The photography pass is good for two hours. If you have any questions, please call 817-463-4160. Click here for full rules and regulations. No online photo passes are available at this time. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds. The last photo pass is sold two hours before closing. 

No photo passes will be sold during our Spring & Fall Japanese Festivals. No tripods or portrait photography during the festival weekend 4/22 & 4/23.

In the event of unpredictable weather, a rain check for this pass will be issued by management.

Using the Garden as a Backdrop

If the purpose of your visit is to take photographs using the Botanic Garden as a backdrop, a $75 photography fee per two hours will be charged. The photography fee applies to but is not limited to, the following portrait occasions: Bridal, Engagement, Family/Lifestyle, Graduation, Headshots/Portraits, Maternity, Prom, Proposal, Quinceañera, and Wedding*. The photography fee covers admission for up to three guests and allows the use of tripods and other photography equipment as well as a change of wardrobe.

For FWBG Members**: Supporter, Patron, Affiliate, and Sustainer level members receive a $15 discount on photography fees. The photography fee covers admission for up to three guests or the number of people included in your membership. The equipment and wardrobe rules listed above apply. Become a member by clicking here.

Please contact the membership office at or 817-332-7518 for further member information.

The last photography pass is sold two hours before closing.

*Wedding Photography does not include a ceremony. If an officiant is present with your party this classifies as a wedding/event rental and needs to be scheduled through the booking office. Please contact the booking office at 817-463-4160 to schedule your wedding ceremony.

**Discounts do not apply for reciprocal Garden members.

No photo passes will be sold during our yearly Spring & Fall Japanese Festivals. No tripods or portrait photography during the festival weekend.

Taking Photos or Video for Commercial use

Personal photographs and videos are not to be used for commercial purposes. Commercial photography includes, but is not limited to portfolio photography, television shows, movies, stock images, display advertising, music videos, brochures, product literature, brand and product photography, fashion shoots, promotional use on a product, brand, company websites, and social media. The fee is $2,500 per day, and approval from management is required. Please contact Stephanie Sellers at 817-463-4135 or send an email.

School Projects

Photography charges will be waived for student photographers or videographers working on a school project; however, a student ID and copy of the project will be required to waive the photo fee. Regular admission fees apply for entrance into the Garden.

Press and Media Photography

Media must contact operations and marketing before photographing or filming at the FWBG. Photographers must have appropriate credentials and must be accompanied by FWBG staff.

Rules and Regulations

  • Props of any kind must be set up and taken down within the allotted pass period.
  • No pet portraits are allowed.
  • Photography sessions cannot take place before or after normal business hours.
  • Drones or any other form of UAV are not permitted in the Garden.
  • Balloons, rice, confetti, flower petals, glitter, and other loose materials are not allowed.
  • Sparklers, smoke bombs, and/or any such material are not allowed.
  • Remain on all designated paths and do not walk through flower beds or foliage.
  • Refrain from climbing garden structures, rocks, and trees and from wading in ponds, fountains, and other water features


  • Be courteous to other guests and do not obstruct paths, bridges, or walkways.
  • Do not collect any plants, animals, or rocks.
  • Do not touch or chase any animals or insects. We want all wildlife to feel safe and to continue calling the Garden their home.
  • For your own safety, do not enter a barricaded area or an area posted for pesticide application.
  • Do not tamper with water hoses, equipment, tools, or signs.
  • Be respectful of weddings and other scheduled events.

All photographers will be responsible for any damages or injuries related to the use of FWBG during the photoshoot. Individuals scheduling photography sessions will be responsible for damages to walkways, structures, plants, all garden amenities, and any personal injuries that may occur.

FWBG reserves the right to exclude any groups or individuals deemed to be hostile, detrimental, or a risk to FWBG property or interests. Groups or individuals shall be given equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, color, sex, religion, or national origin.

Groups found violating any photography policy will be asked to end their session and will be escorted from FWBG.