Rainforest Conservatory

The conservatory aims to feature and interpret plants of economic importance from tropical regions of the world and highlight efforts to conserve those plants. 

The Rainforest Conservatory features plants that some of our food, herbs, spices, and beverages come from including seven different types of Ginger, a Chocolate Tree, a Coffee Tree, a Star Fruit Tree, and a Coconut Palm. There is even a plant that eats bugs in the Rainforest Conservatory!

A waterfall you can walk behind and a smaller waterfall is just a couple of features you can enjoy in the Rainforest Conservatory. The Rainforest Conservatory houses specimens of many different types of Orchids courtesy of the Fort Worth Orchid Society as well as several different types of Begonias, part of the nationally recognized Begonia collection here at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.