Running April 15 – July 30, the ZimSculpt exhibit features more than 100 exquisite sculptures by several dozen contemporary Zimbabwean artists. Visit the tented Marketplace to purchase sculptures.

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Welcome to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Spring season is here and one of the most beautiful times to visit.
Connect with nature, unplug and unwind. Visit today!

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Visit today!

Unplug and unwind.
Take a stroll through our beautiful 120-acre campus.

Garden Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. with the last admission sold one hour before closing.

Stickwork, a structure by acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty, is on the grounds as one of his site-specific artworks unique to Fort Worth. Dougherty bends, weaves, and twines twigs and saplings into massive shelters, towers and sculptures, each as unique as the site where it is built. Visit the stunning exhibit today!