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The Global Genome Initiative for Gardens (GGI-Gardens)

Natural history collections play an increasingly vital role in biodiversity studies. Much of the research that leverages these collections combines this accumulated diversity knowledge with genomic approaches. There is a movement toward improved collection practices that incorporate resources that can be used in genomics research. As a result, partnerships such as the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) and Global Genome Initiative (GGI) are emerging to unite these innovative biocollections.

GGI Gardens is an international partnership of botanical gardens and arboreta focused on collecting herbarium vouchers from living collections and preserving their genome resources in GGBN-partnered biorepositories. GGI Gardens is generating a vast, accessible, and well-managed collection of genome resources. If you or your institution is interested in joining GGI Gardens, please don’t hesitate to contact GGI-Gardens Director, Dr. Morgan Gostel.


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Funds to Preserve Global Plant Biodiversity Awarded to 10 Botanic Gardens

14 Botanic Gardens Awarded Grant to Preserve Global Plant Biodiversity

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