Picnics at the Garden

Picnic Etiquette

To ensure that the Garden is a serene, hospitable environment for ALL our guests, we respectfully ask that picnic parties follow the guidelines below during their visit:

We ask that you please…

  1. Picnic only in the following areas (View a map of locations here):
  1. Pack out what you pack in.
  2. Dispose of all trash in designated recycle bins and trashcans.
  3. Be mindful of other guests and help keep the Gardens relaxing and peaceful for all.
  4. Do not step into the cultivated garden beds. Our garden beds are for plants, not feet.
  5. Leave tables, large coolers and folding chairs at home. These items damage garden spaces and detract from their serenity.
  6. Only feed our Koi fish the approved fish food available at admission or gift shop.
  7. On-site dining options also available at Rock Springs Cafe.
Please be aware that the following are never allowed:
  • Smoking, tobacco use or e-cigarettes.
  • Outside alcohol.
  • Athletic equipment (bikes, scooters, skateboards, sleds, frisbees, and yard games).
  • Grills, outdoor cooking equipment, and/or campfires.

School groups, please call (817) 463-4135 to request approval to picnic in the Grove. All groups are asked to leave the area as they found it.

Dog Days Etiquette

To ensure the success of Dog Days and safety of all participants, the Garden asks that guests and pets adhere to the following rules and etiquette:

  • All dogs must be leashed, more than four months old and up to date on vaccinations
  • No dogs in heat allowed.
  • Dogs are not allowed to stay in unattended vehicles.
  • Waste must be bagged and placed in trash receptacles. The Garden will have bags available for use.
  • Dogs are not permitted inside Rock Springs Café, in the Rainforest Conservatory or on trams.
  • Dogs must be socialized and well-behaved. If dogs are seen acting aggressively, Garden staff reserves the right to ask owners to leave with their dogs.
  • Humans and dogs must stay on trails, pathways and open lawn areas. This ensures the Garden and horticultural displays stay beautiful for all to enjoy!
  • Dog owners are responsible for their pets. FWBG|BRIT is not responsible for any injury or illness.
  • Guests should ask before approaching unknown dogs or allowing dogs to interact. Similarly, guests with dogs should control interactions with guests without dogs, especially when children are involved.
  • Please leave the Garden as you left it. Collect all dog treats, waste, bags and anything else your pup might have left behind.
  • As always, FWBG|BRIT staff recommends human guests wear sturdy walking shoes and protect themselves from the sun.