July & August

In July and August, the Botanic Garden offers a cool outdoor retreat for summer enjoyment. Some of the Gardens that allow you to beat the heat are:

The Fuller Garden with large trees shady arches and benches.

The Japanese Garden remains a lush green paradise where the koi swim close to the surface looking for treats. 

The Conservatory’s indoor jungle thrives during the summer months.  

What’s Blooming around the Botanic Garden:

Angel’s trumpet, Anice scented sage, Blackeyed Susan ‘Goldsturm’, Bogsage, Coral vine, Crape myrtle, Evergreen wisteria, Flame acanthus, ‘Gold Star’ esperanza ‘Gold Star’, Hardy blue plumbago, Hyacinth bean, Mexican Oregano, Purple coneflower, Purple loosestrife, Spider lily Lycoris, Surprise lilies Lycoris, Sweet autumn clematis, Sweet potato vine  ‘Marguerite’ and ‘Blackie’, Trumpet vine, Crimson Trumpet, Flava, Madame Galen. 

Blooms in the Fuller Garden
The Conservatory
Seasons in the Garden