Herbarium Curation Projects

The herbarium collections are the core of BRIT and support ongoing research projects. Here you can read about our projects related to our collections.

Herbarium Curatorial Projects are led by Tiana F. Rehman.

Current Research


A xylarium, xylotheque, and xylothek are all words to describe a collection of wood (the Greek word for “wood” is xylon). In trees, the secondary xylem, the tissue that transports

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Herbarium Digitization

Specimen Digitization = Imaging + Databasing + Georeferencing The BRIT herbarium is in the process of imaging key specimens at high resolution, and converting textual

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Herbarium Inventory

Overview Since its inception in 1987, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) has been a repository for orphaned herbaria—including the collections from Southern Methodist

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