Texas Oklahoma Regional Consortia of Herbaria (TORCH) NSF TCN Project

“This grant will help to close a large geographic gap in our knowledge of North American plant biodiversity and facilitate both regional and larger-scale efforts in solving environmental issues”

NSF Program Director Reed Beaman
Visit the TORCH home page for updates and events across all participating institutions: https://www.torcherbaria.org/

Philecology Herbarium (BRIT-SMU-VDB-NLU) TORCH Digitization Progress

Each specimen goes through these four stages of digitization: 1) Imaging 2) Skeletal Transcription 3) Complete Transcription and 4) Georeferencing. 

1) Specimens Imaged 100%
2) Specimens Skeletally Transcribed 23%
3) Specimens Completely Transcribed 76%
4) Georeferenced 10%

Last updated: 2022-12-09