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This category represents all volunteer activities that involve or relate to growing plants on our campus.

Backyard Vegetable Garden (Master Gardener Project)

  • Growing fruits and vegetables in north central Texas can be challenging to say the least, so why not learn the secrets of a bountiful harvest first-hand from our gardening experts by volunteering? You can also feel good knowing the produce you helped grow will be donated to local charities.

Begonia Greenhouse (Master Gardener Project)

  • Did you know the Fort Worth Botanic Garden has the largest collection of Begonia species in the nation? Come help us ensure the survival of the genus by performing various greenhouse tasks, such as propagation and maintenance.

Conservation Greenhouse

  • Home to our orchid collection, this greenhouse is the place for those that enjoy unique plant species and the magic behind plant reproduction.

Rainforest Conservatory

  • Currently under construction, this glasshouse will need all the help it can get to transform it into a tropical paradise. Duties include, but are not limited to, weeding, planting tropical plants, and maintaining water features.

Compost Outpost (Master Gardener Project)

  • Are you a champion of sustainability? Then you’ll fit right in with our Master Composters. They perform magic every week by turning waste into black gold for our garden beds.

Fuller Garden

  • Perhaps our most formal garden, this space takes you on a walk through the life of Adelaide Polk Fuller. Each planting is meant to convey the story of life’s journey to each of our visitors. Help preserve history and beautify one of the first gardens our visitors enjoy.

General Gardening

  • This term is used to describe all tasks that don’t fall into one of our larger garden projects. There are opportunities to help plant seasonal color, restore native landscapes, and even maintain our beautiful entrance ponds. It also includes our Saturday crew, which volunteer on the first and third Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Japanese Garden

  • Our renowned 7.5-acre Japanese influenced garden is an exotic jewel of Fort Worth and an excellent way to explore another culture through gardening.

Perennial Garden (Master Gardener Project)

  • There is something blooming year-round in this romantic style garden. This role requires volunteers to weed, clean sculptures, and maintain walking trails and water features.

Rose Garden

  • This is one of the oldest gardens on our grounds and it contains over 300 varieties of roses intermixed with Texas perennial favorites. The collection once comprised of almost 2,000 roses, but due to the rampant spread of Rose Rosette Disease, most were lost.

Tinsley Rock Springs Garden

  • Due to a generous donation from John Tinsley, you would never guess this was the oldest garden on our grounds. Mr. Tinsley had it restored with a large collection of native Texas plants in memory of his parents.

Trial Garden (Master Gardener Project)

  • This dual-purpose garden serves to test and display new and interesting perennials in our north central Texas climate. If you enjoy gardening as well as evaluating plant performance, this is the garden for you.



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