Sida, Botanical Miscellany Series

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BRIT Press books have been published since 1987 under the series title Sida, Botanical Miscellany (ISSN 0883-1475). They are devoted to a comprehensive study of one topic, ranging from floras to systematic monographs to botanical histories, and provide a greater depth of coverage for larger, key topics. They are published irregularly and have ranged from 40 to 1640 pages. BRIT Press books may be published in English or Spanish, with abstracts in both languages. Maps and line drawings are useful, with color used appropriately.

Suggestions for floristic papers submitted for publication as a BRIT Press book
Floristic papers are important, but they need to be more than a list of plants. They need added context and information. Such papers should emphasize the uniqueness of the floristic study area, physical characteristics, cultural and historical information, land use history, climate, major vegetational habitats, taxa of concern (rare/endangered/special concern), new county records, state records, disjuncts, invasives, etc. Ecological notes on rare and endangered taxa or other noteworthy taxa, State and Federal status of rare and endangered species, and highlights and notes any endemics, disjuncts, or significant geographic distribution records are valuable.  Conservation issues also are important.

Submit a manuscript
If you are interested in having BRIT Press publish your work as a book, please contact Editor Barney Lipscomb.

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