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In a world of increasing demands for shrinking dollars, here are some ideas for gifts, memorials, or to celebrate an event.

Reference Books for Botany Research & Horticulture

  • 100 multi volume/lingual books, floras, monographs, and journals – $10,000 US
  • 50 multi volume/lingual books, floras, monographs, and journals – $5,000 US
  • Species or genus book – $100 US
  • Flora of a specific area – $75 US
  • Gardening or horticultural emphasis – $50 US
  • Journal subscription – $100-500 US

Archival Housing for the Sherwin Carlquist Collection

This collection encompasses thirty years of Sherwin Carlquist’s field research that has made significant contributions to scholarship on wood anatomy and island biology. Countries of research include Australia, Cambodia, Chile, Fiji, Hawaii, Japan, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Peru, Samoa, South Africa, and Taiwan.

The BRIT Library holds Carlquist’s field notebooks and field photograph collection, the latter of which consists of 150,000 color field photograph slides as well as 10,000 field envelopes with black and white field photograph prints attached with field notes. 

  • Archival housing – $10,000 US

Rare Book Restoration Sponsorship

  • Book requiring major repair and preservation – $200.00 US
  • Book requiring minor repair – $125.00 US
  • Book wanting protective preservation – $100.00 US

Rare Book Room Archival Book Display Cradles

  • $1,000

The Botanist’s Repository, for New and Rare Plants

Price: $35,652.30 US
London: Printed by T. Bensley, and published by the author 1797-1815. 10 vols, 664 plates, color-printed and finished by hand. Andrews’ monumental work is an early example of color printing and the first printed representation of many exotic species.