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March 2022 Newsletter

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Visit Today for a Terrific Tour of Tulips

Spring is busting out all over as the more than 250,000 bulbs planted this winter explode into bloom around the Garden. Look for brilliant swaths of color from daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and more. New flowers will be coming into bloom every week, so check back often.

Garden: What's in Bloom

Red ladybug on a green blade of grass

Promoting Beneficial Insects in Your Garden

Insects and gardeners: it’s a long relationship, and all too often, it’s needlessly antagonistic. Very few insects are actually the enemy. Successful gardeners should learn the difference between good insects and pests, as well as how to encourage the beneficial bugs and sustainably manage the harmful ones.

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Research: From Plant to Planet

Two pale butterflies gather nectar from yellow flowers

Which Came First, the Butterfly or the Flower? The Answer: Both!

If you’ve ever taken a high school biology course, you may have learned that pollinators such as butterflies and bees evolved alongside flowers for their mutual benefit. The result of generations upon generations of plants and pollinators evolving side by side are what botanists have called “pollination syndromes.” These are fascinating systems that have much to teach us about the natural world—but recent research reveals they may not be as simple as botanists once thought.

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Learn: Stay Curious

Prickly pear cactus fruits

Experience Food in a New Way While Foraging Texas

Today we have a pretty clear idea where our food comes from: the grocery store. Of course, we know that food is actually grown and raised on farms, but most Americans today have spent little to no time at a farm or ranch. True, some keep a garden, raise backyard chickens or hunt, but for the majority of us, food comes from the store and is wrapped in plastic. Author Eric Knight would like to change that. He encourages Texans to get outside and find their food by foraging for the edible plants. Knight will introduce foraging with a book talk and signing on March 26 at the Garden.

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Plant: The Seeds of an Environmental STEM Education

Child's hands hold a ladybug

Better Know Your Bugs with These Fun Family Activities

Kids love bugs! Whether creeping, crawling, fluttering or flying, insects are fascinating—and they’re a great opportunity to learn about the natural world as a family. ith Butterflies in the Garden on-going and David Rogers’ Big Bugs opening this month, now is a great time to interest your family in insects with some great books and easy home activities.

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Butterfly sipping from an orange flower
Moon Bridge at the Japanese Garden
Rose Ramp and Shelter House at the Botanic Garden
Black and blue butterfly on bright red flower