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What if a green roof is not in my future?

Few people will ever attempt a living roof on their homes, but it’s still possible to get the benefits of a green roof. For example, collecting water from your roof in a rain barrel helps reduce stormwater runoff, and “cool” roof coatings or a radiant heat barrier can increase insulation and reduce the heat island effect around your home. And you can provide habitat for local plants and animals by bringing the prairie to your own backyard. Check out the plants that grow on the BRIT roof and ask your local nursery if these plants are available for your native plant garden. Remember, these plants need lots of sun and can take the heat!

The Green Home Guide suggests ways to achieve the benefits of a green roof without actual building one: http://greenhomeguide.com/know-how/article/6-ways-to-get-the-green-benef…


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