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Microscope Slide Collection

Herbarium Curation Projects

The BRIT Microscope Slide Collection incorporates over 16,000 glass microscope slides, representing an important resource for the study of pollen and plant anatomy. These collections are accessible by appointment, with any digitized holdings listed after their collection descriptions, which can be found below:

Gretchen and Stanley Jones Palynological Collection (> 5000 slides): Received by BRIT in 2014, this collection of pollen specimens was built by Gretchen D. Jones, Palynological Research Scientist, with the Agricultural Research Service (USDA). More information about this special collection, including a catalogue of microslides and a pollen image gallery, can be found in the Gretchen and Stanley Jones Palynological Collection page.

Sherwin Carlquist Collection (> 4100 slides): Received by BRIT in 2018, this collection vouchers plant anatomy research by Sherwin Carlquist, plant anatomist, ecologist, and island biogeographer, and Professor Emeritus at Claremont Graduate School and Pomona College.

Howard Arnott Collection (ca. 4,000 slides): Received by BRIT 2018, these slides voucher the plant anatomy research conducted by Dr. Howard Arnott, plant anatomist, retired from the University of Texas at Arlington. Of particular interest are those that document his work with the genus Yucca (ASPARAGACEAE).

Shirley Tucker Collection (ca. 1800 slides): Received by BRIT in 2018, these slides voucher plant anatomy research by Shirley Tucker, lichenologist and plant anatomist, and Boyd Professor Emerita at Louisiana State University,.

Edward Schneider Collection (ca. 1250 slides): Received by BRIT in 2017-2019, these slides voucher ongoing plant anatomy research by Edward Schneider, plant anatomist and specialist in structure and function of the Nymphaeales, and current BRIT President and Executive Director.


Research Team

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Director of the Herbarium & Collections Manager

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Brooke Byerley Best, Ph.D.

Director of Research Programs

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