Build Your Own (Not So Big) Bugs at Upcoming Family Workshop

The clock is counting down the days that we get to enjoy David Rogers’ Big Bugs exhibition at the Garden. The Bugs will fly, scuttle and hop away* on June 12.

Family Workshop: Big Bug Builders
June 4, 10 – 11:30 am

One way to enjoy the Bugs before they depart while creating a keepsake of the exhibition is to join our family workshop Big Bug Builders on June 4..

“We’re going to begin with a tour of the exhibition, and then we’re going to make our own bug sculptures using natural materials,” says Cameron Barlow, school & garden education program manager. “Families will be guided by an artist and art teacher as they craft insects out of sticks, leaves, flowers and grass.”

Local artist Olivia Garcia will lead the class. You can read about Garcia and explore her work online.

The workshop is a great opportunity for families to enjoy time together outside while exercising their creativity. “We have no idea what our families will invent,” says Barlow. “I’m always amazed by the imaginations of our guests.”

Materials will be provided, but guests are also invited to bring their own natural finds. Parents can get outside with their kids and look for elements such as flower petals, leaves, pecan shells, acorn caps or stems.

“David Rogers uses materials such as sticks and saplings to make his sculptures,” says Barlow. “You can do the same with your own natural elements.”

* In fact, the Big Bugs will depart by truck, but isn’t fun to imagine the enormous mantis hopping down University Drive?

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