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Seedlings just appearing indoors

Make Your Own Magic When You Start Your Garden from Seeds

Tiny seedlings emerge from soil

Remember when you were a kid and you planted a tiny seed in a little styrofoam cup? Remember the magical moment when that tiny seedling emerged from the soil? It was like a superpower: you created life!

You can recreate that experience on a large scale when you start your summer garden from seeds this winter. It’s not as hard as you might think. And imagine the magic of standing among thriving peppers and tomatoes on a hot July day knowing you brought an entire garden to life.

Starting plants from seeds is also incredibly liberating. Your garden will no longer be limited by what local nurseries and garden centers offer. You can expand the varieties of plants growing in your garden and experiment with flowers and vegetables not commonly available in nurseries.

Starting Seeds Indoors
Jan. 13, 10 am – 12 pm

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Starting from seeds also gives you a measure of control. You can ensure your transplants are as healthy as possible before they reach the ground—and you’ll get a head start on the growing season.

The Garden’s January 13 workshop “Starting Seeds Indoors” will provide an overview of the best plants to start from seeds, the supplies you’ll need and tips on growing the healthiest possible seedlings.

You’ll also learn how to schedule the process. The average date of the last frost is a critical factor, since you don’t want to go to all of the trouble of starting seeds and then have them freeze. In Fort Worth, that date is March 12.

With that date in hand, you can calculate when you need to start germinating seeds so they are ready to go into the ground at the right moment. For example, most tomatoes require five or six weeks to grow to transplanting size. Peppers need seven to eight weeks.

The good news is starting your garden from seeds can also provide insurance in the case of a late frost. You can keep some backup plants inside to replace any damaged by an unexpected cold front.

The best part about growing plants from seeds is the feeling you’ve acquired a new superpower. You begin with a tiny packet of dried matter and end up with a thriving garden. It’s a kind of magic that never fails to thrill gardeners.

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