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Garden Plans for 2024 Include New Greenhouse

Staff and contractors are hard at work on improvements to the Garden that are steps along the way to fulfillment of the organization’s master plan.

“Most of our projects this year are behind-the-scenes work that guests won’t necessarily see but that will help us on our way toward bigger goals,” said Executive Vice President Bob Byers.

One of the first projects expected to be completed this year is a new greenhouse located off-site on property leased from the City of Fort Worth near the Tarrant County College South Campus. The nearly 20,000-square-foot greenhouse–twice the size of the Conservatory–began construction last August.

The new Rolling Hills Greenhouse will allow the Garden to demolish two existing greenhouses and free up space now used for operations. “The thought process is to open up space that we could use for guests by moving the greenhouse off-site,” says Byers.

Other improvements to the Garden this year will include irrigation and drainage improvements to the South Vista, which, among other things, is home to the stage for Concerts in the Garden.

Meanwhile, the City of Fort Worth is also working on improvements that will allow easier access for both pedestrians and drivers to the Garden. As part of overall improvements to University Drive, the City has proposed adding sidewalks to the west side of University Drive between Trail Drive and Rock Springs Road, allowing pedestrians to easily walk from the Will Rogers Memorial Center to the Garden entrance.

Also proposed is a new traffic light at the Garden entrance along with pedestrian crossings and bus stops. Plans will finalized in the coming months, and the City is seeking public input. Residents are invited to a meeting on Jan. 30 at 10 a.m. to discuss the project at City Hall. Construction for the project is expected to begin by Summer 2026.

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