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July 2023 Newsletter

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Researchers in the field holding seeds

Garden Hosts Texas Plant Conservation Conference to Advance Protection of Threatened Native Plants

Texas is home to more than 400 species of plants at risk of extinction, including 163 considered “critically imperiled” within the state, according to data from Texas Parks & Wildlife. The Garden is committed to protecting the rare plants of Texas. This sort of work requires the cooperation of scientists, state and federal agencies, land owners and members of the public. To coordinate their efforts and exchange information on research progress and best practices, the Garden is hosting the 2023 Texas Plant Conservation Conference Aug. 14 and 15.

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Research: From Plant to Planet

Eriocaulon koernickianum or small-heded pipewort. Photo by Don Hunter

Tales from the Conservation Trenches : Saving the Small-headed Pipewort

A well-known issue in global conservation efforts could be described as the Panda Problem. Programs that promote the protection of large, well-known mammals raise more funds than programs for smaller, less “charismatic” species. Yet even the smallest, nondescript species are part of the big picture of life on this planet–and deserve protection.

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Learn: Stay Curious

Woodblock print of magnolia flower by Laura Post. Copyright Laura Post.

Capture the Beauty of the Natural World through Printmaking with Plants

Many people appreciate books as doors to other worlds, treasuries of knowledge and archives of human thought. But books can be more than the words or images reproduced on their pages–they can themselves be works of art. The cover, the pages, the binding, even the paper itself can be an expression of creativity. Fort Worth artist and printmaker Laura Post will share ideas and processes for creating one-of-a-kind books inspired by the flowers, trees and shrubs of the Botanic Garden in summer at a two-day workshop on Aug. 11 and 12.

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Garden: What's in Bloom

Plant: The Seeds of an Environmental STEM Education

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Man watering with a hand-held hose
Woodblock of a lotus by Laura Post. Copyright Laura Post.
Fourth grade students participate in STEM Challenge field trip
Rachel Carmickle at work in the field