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February 2022 Newsletter

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Garden Hosts 2022 “Butterflies in the Garden”

Behold nature’s wondrous transformation and marvel at brilliantly colored living jewels fluttering in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden’s Rainforest Conservatory during “Butterflies in the Garden,” the largest exhibit of live, exotic butterflies in north central Texas, starting Feb. 25. and running through April 10.

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Dog image with Dog Days logo

Botanic Garden Hosts New “Dog Days” Series

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden | Botanical Research Institute of Texas is em-BARK-ing on a new adventure with new “Dog Days” to take place five weekends in 2022. On these weekends, guests are invited to bring their four-legged family members to the Garden for a day of frolicking and fun. 

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Plant: The Seeds of an Environmental STEM Education

Garden: What's in Bloom

Research: From Plant to Planet

Orange and black butterflies feed from white flowers

The Science of Pollination and the Role of Butterflies

People of all ages watch the brilliantly colored insects with awe and wonder at Butterflies in the Garden. What many don’t realize is that while we value butterflies for their beauty, they also play an important role in the ecosystem. Along with bees, birds and various other insects, they help flowering plants reproduce.

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Learn: Stay Curious

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Butterfly sipping from an orange flower
Moon Bridge at the Japanese Garden
Rose Ramp and Shelter House at the Botanic Garden
Black and blue butterfly on bright red flower