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Native Sunflower Plant Talk and Book Signing Event


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Please join us for an engaging Friday evening focusing on Sunflowers! Participants will enjoy a fully illustrated presentation by Drs. Richard Spellenberg, Naida Zucker and Tim Lowrey. The talk will feature highlights from Spellenburg and Zucker’s book “The Sunflower Family: A Guide to the Family Asteraceae in the Contiguous United States”. Participants will learn fun facts about species of sunflowers, daisies and asters that are native to North America.

The evening will conclude with light refreshments and a social hour including a book signing. Bring a book you have already purchased or purchase one on-site and have it signed by the authors. Participants are welcome to bring other books authored by and to be signed by Spellenberg. Registration is free!

Friday, September 16 (6:00 – 8:00 pm)

Registration Deadline: September 13

Free Registration!

Location: BRIT Building

P.S. Join the instructors from this event again on Saturday for a more in-depth exploration of the structure and identification of the Sunflower Family, including a nature walk in the Garden. Learn more at Asteraceae Plant Family – Workshop and Walk.


Richard Spellenberg – Ph. D. from University of Washington, retired from New Mexico State University, specialist in native plants of Southwest, 4 o’clock family and oaks; taught various biology courses; several non-technical publications in western wild flowers, North American trees, sunflower family. 

Naida Zucker – Ph. D from University of Illinois, retired from New Mexico State University, specialist in animal behavior; taught a wide range of zoology courses. Skills in page planning and layout.

Tim Lowrey – Ph. D from University of California, retired from University of New Mexico, specialist in tropical and North American Asteraceae, native plants of the Southwest; taught a broad diversity of botany courses.

The Sunflower Family: A Guide to the Family Asteraceae in the Contiguous United States by Richard Spellenberg:
Developed for wildflower enthusiasts, students, land managers, teachers, and other non-professional botanists interested in plant diversity, this book is the only comprehensive identification guide to the Sunflower Family of the contiguous U.S. and southern Canada. Here, 1765 photos help identify 428 genera and nearly 700 species of sunflowers, daisies, asters, and their relatives found outside of cultivation. From lowly cudweeds to lively daisies and statuesque sunflowers (baffling to the beginner), the plants in this family are notoriously known as the DYCs (the darned yellow composites). Includes geographic ranges, habitats, genus descriptions, supplementary comments, with cross-referencing to similar genera. All in minimally technical language.


Sep 16 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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