Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum taxonomy and iNaturalist

Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum taxonomy and iNaturalist”

A (Virtual) Lunchtime Lecture by Nathan Taylor

Oklahoma State University PhD student Nathan Taylor will present on topics related to his research on Euphorbia. This 1-hr seminar will include a short Q&A session after the lecture.

Abstract: Euphorbia L. subgenus Chamaesyce Raf. section Anisophyllum Roep. exhibits considerable diversity in North America. With approximately 160 species, ample opportunity exists to examine complications in taxonomy and identification.  The regional diversity of the Trans-Pecos region of Texas serves as an attractive location to study sect. Anisophyllum. 37 of the approximately 160 North American species occur in the Trans-Pecos.  Investigations examining species of sect. Anisophyllum in the Trans-Pecos yielded three state records, a better understanding of two species complexes, and three undescribed species.  The Trans-Pecos investigations also provided a better understanding of key characteristics in sect. Anisophyllum.  However, uncertainty in identification is not limited to the Trans-Pecos.  Attempts to broaden the identification techniques learned in the Trans-Pecos study led to the use of iNaturalist.  Seven years of identification of photos on iNaturalist revealed a new species, numerous state records, and the incorporation of new characteristics for distinguishing species.  The incorporation of new characteristics may facilitate future creation of taxonomic treatments.

This virtual seminar will be broadcast using the Zoom platform. Click here to connect to the event. The host will admit you once the event begins. Guests will be muted upon entry to the session. Click here to watch the recording of this event on YouTube.

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Feb 01 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Brooke Byerley Best


Brooke Byerley Best