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Research Projects

The Living Roof

The urban environment is an ecosystem in itself. With this living roof, BRIT is bringing a functional, native Texas ecosystem back into the built environment. Rather than just looking for plants that can survive in hot environments, BRIT asked the question, “What are the environmental parameters of a roof and what are its analog and native environs?”

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Current Research

Green Roof Research: Cover and diversity

Byerley Best, B. and R.K. Swadek. 2019. Plant cover & diversity on a young prairie-style green roof relative to slope position & planting assemblage. Poster presentation at Botany 2019, annual conference of the Botanical Society of America, 27-31 Jul 2019, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

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Interns & Volunteers

Books, Botany, and Bugs

This article was written by Sydney Jackson, 2017 BRIT Summer Intern and student at Austin College in Sherman, TX. This past summer, summer of 2017,

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