Kelly Carroll

Herbarium Digitization Technician


B.S. in Biology: Ecology & Evolution, Trinity University

Kelly first came to BRIT as a herbarium volunteer in the summer of 2015, helping to image specimens to be digitized. They returned in 2018 as a research intern, working with Dr. Brooke Best and Dan Caudle to perform a vegetative survey of a private property to facilitate restoration of the property following construction. They now work with BRIT as a remote Herbarium Digitization Technician, assisting the herbarium staff in creating online records of the physical specimens in the herbarium in order to open the collection for research from afar. Their past research has concerned the control of invasive rangeland grasses using a combination of controlled burns and reintroduction of native species. Kelly hopes to continue working in the ecological field into the future, as they’ve fallen a bit in love with the simple complexity of plants.


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