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*Last entry is an hour before closing

Perennial Essentials

Registration for this class has closed. Cultivate sustainable, wildlife-friendly gardens using perennials – plants that live for two or more years without needing to be replaced. You’ll get practical guidance on selecting and caring for species that thrive in Texas’s unique environmental conditions. The class will end with a visit to the Perennial Garden to […]

Make Your Own Magic When You Start Your Garden from Seeds

Seedlings just appearing indoors

Remember when you were a kid and you planted a tiny seed in a little styrofoam cup? Remember the magical moment when that tiny seedling emerged from the soil? It was like a superpower: you created life! You can recreate that experience on a large scale when you start your summer garden from seeds this winter. Our January workshop will give you tools and the know-how to make this magic for yourself.

For Surefire Winter Color, Remember Pansies

Cheerful pruple, white and yellow pansies

The most popular annual in winter in north Texas is undoubtedly the pansy. But don’t let it ubiquity leave you to take it for granted. For winter color, pansies can’t be beat.

Plant Trees Now to Create a Shady Oasis for Years to Come

Orange and gold oak leaves

Gardeners must learn to operate on multiple time scales at once, simultaneously planning weeks, months and years ahead. Want tomatoes in July? Plant them in May. Bluebonnets in April? Start planning in October. A flowering shrub in 2027? Start shopping now. The most long-term thought goes into trees. Magnificent and magical, trees can take a decade or more to reach their potential. That’s a long time to wait, but the benefits could last generations.

Embrace the Philosophy of Japanese Gardening to Create Your Own Place of Reflection and Renewal

Japanese Garden in Autumn

When guests wander the quiet paths of the Japanese Garden, it’s not unusual for them to stop at the top of the Moon Bridge and say, “I wish I had a place like this at home.” That might seem impossible–the Japanese Garden is the result of 50 years of hard work by dedicated horticulturists. But Nick Esthus, Japanese Garden horticultural manager, says Japanese gardening is within the reach of anyone ready to embrace it.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Citrus Trees

Two yellow lemons on a tree

Picture it: you wake on a lovely fall day, walk onto your patio and pick a Satsuma mandarin from your very own tree. You peel back back the bright orange skin and bite into a perfectly ripe, tart yet sweet, orange. This could be you–with a little time, a little knowledge and a citrus tree of your own. The good news? You can find the knowledge and the trees at the upcoming Fall Plant Sale. The time you’ll need to provide yourself.

Houseplants 101

Registration for this class is now closed. We hope to see you for another Horticulture & Gardening class soon! Do you have a black thumb? Fear not! Houseplants 101 is for beginner plant-parents and anyone who has trouble keeping houseplants alive. Our expert instructor will guide you through basic types of houseplants, water and light […]

Learn About Fall Bulbs

This class has been canceled due to insufficient registration. We hope to see you for another Horticulture & Gardening class soon! Cooling weather means it’s time to plant your fall bulbs!  Join us to learn everything you need to know to ensure gorgeous blooms this spring.  Our expert instructor will cover types of bulbs, recommendations for […]

The Wonder of Water: Take your Garden to the Next Level with a Water Feature

Spray of water from an outdoor fountain

We love our water features at the Garden, especially in the heat of summer. The long, tranquil basin that greets guests as soon as they enter the gates, the gushing fountain that stands in the center of the Rose Garden, the serene koi ponds of the Japanese Garden—there’s nothing else like the relaxing sound and sight of water. What if you could bring that peace and serenity back home with you? With a little time and effort, you can—with water features for your home garden.

How to Grow Plants in a Container Garden

Registration for this class is now closed. We hope to see you for another Horticulture & Gardening class soon! Want to know how to plant an eye-catching and long-blooming container garden that is low-maintenance and able to survive the temperature extremes of North Texas? In this class, you will learn the design principles of using […]