Digitizing Specimens of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge

Imagine standing quietly at a lookout in the hill country of central Texas as the sun begins to set.  Oak and Juniper trees blanket the hills as far as the eye can see.  Muted sounds of nature bring a soothing respite to an otherwise busy day.  Your peacefulness is suddenly disturbed by loud noises.  Slowly, […]

Herbarium Digitization

Specimen Digitization = Imaging + Databasing + Georeferencing The BRIT herbarium is in the process of imaging key specimens at high resolution, and converting textual and graphical elements on a sheet into a digital format that can more easily lend itself to data analysis and synthesis. Locality data that do not include geographic coordinates are […]

Encounters with Plants that BITE!

In late 2018, the BRIT Philecology Herbarium received funds from the National Science Foundation Grant: “Endless Forms most beautiful and most wonderful” to digitize collections of species across 15 plant families that have unique adaptations and morphologies. These plants may live in extreme and highly specific environments that face elevated risks of extinction in the rapidly […]

Survey of BRIT’s Tarrant County Bryophyte Collection

Our interns and volunteers are invaluable at BRIT. In this series, they discuss their experiences with us. This post is by Hanna Liebermann, Hendrix College biology student / BRIT intern, & Charles Gardner, bryophyte specialist / BRIT Research Associate. Bryophytes, defined by their lack of vascular tissue, are a category of smaller plants that include […]