Water Conservation

Having a colorful, vibrant garden doesn’t have to mean high water bills. The Water Conservation Garden offers visitors a wealth of native and well-adapted beauties to discover and enjoy. Once established, these plants use little water and are also wildlife and people friendly.

Click here to see a list of grasses and their drought tolerance.

Click here for a list of plants in the Water Conservation Garden.

  • Yucca and Honey Locust - Steve Bomar
  • Shelter with Will Rogers Tower - Steve Bomar
  • Shelter in Spring -  Janet Maloy
  • Salvia & Yucca - Janet Maloy
  • Rock and Road - Steve Bomar
  • Red Hot Poker and Salvia - Steve Bomar
  • Mexican Sage and Abelia - Steve Bomar
  • Mexican Feather Grass - Steve Bomar
  • Logo and Salvia - Steve Bomar
  • Gate with Yucca - Steve Bomar
  • Feather Grass - Steve Bomar
  • Daisies and Yucca - Steve Bomar
  • Benches Toward Shelter - Sarah Fields
  • Screen-Shot-2011-12-08-at-11.57.15-PM
  • Screen-Shot-2011-12-08-at-11.57.07-PM
  • Screen-Shot-2011-12-08-at-11.56.39-PM
  • Screen-Shot-2011-12-08-at-11.57.00-PM