BRIT Specimen Transcription

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Instructions for transcribing specimens in Symbiota

  1. Create a new account at
  2. Contact Tiana Rehman ( and let her know your username and email address to request Editor permissions.
  3. After confirmation from Tiana, go to the Crowdsource page at
  4. Find the BRIT collection in the list of collections and click on the number in the right column for “Open Records”.
  5. The list of BRIT specimens will be displayed in the Occurrence Record list. Select the Symbiota ID of the specimen you wish to transcribe. Please select a Symbiota ID greater than 16473912 because they will have the image rotated correctly.
  6. Transcribe:
    • Collector Name and Number
    • Collection Date
    • Scientific Name (the most recent on the sheet)
    • Country, State, and County (in most cases Country and State are already entered).
  7. Save your edits and continue to the next image.

Thanks for your help!




Jason Best

Director of Biodiversity Informatics

Phone: (817) 546-8697


Tiana Franklin Rehman

Director of the Herbarium & Collections Manager

Phone: (817) 546-1845