Family Activities

Family Discovery

An opportunity for an adult and child(ren) to experience the Backyard Vegetable Garden with our Garden Educator.  There will be a brief instructional time followed by a gardening activity.  Participants should wear gloves.  This once a month (April-November) daytime program is for children ages 4 years–high school.  Click HERE to learn more about this program.

Little Sprouts


A sensory garden encounter for the youngest visitor.  Garden education staff introduces:  gardening behaviors (such as watering and digging), group behavior (such as passing an item, singing, or walking together), and tasting fresh produce at each session.  This once a month (April-November) daytime program is for children ages 18 months–36 months.

Click HERE to learn more about this program.

Family Drop-In

A once a month (April-November) evening program for families of all ages.  Each month holds a different activity.  Click HERE to check the schedule and learn more about this program.

Fort Worth Public Art

Click HERE to download a family-friendly brochure about the Pollen sculpture and other art on the grounds.

Walk About – Talk About

Use the activities in our Walk About-Talk About to tailor a field trip to your family’s needs! You can plan an hour or an entire day. 

Please help control graffiti by asking your group to use pencils and refrain from marking on the Boardwalk and elsewhere.  Build your own tour of the Botanic Garden!  Download garden tours and create a personalized Walk About-Talk About for your class.  Each tour has a lesson for interpreting that area.  Use the map to choose the gardens and plan your route.

First, download the Walk About Talk About introduction. Second, review the garden topics and the map, and plan your route.  You can spend an hour, or all day.  Remember the Garden is 110 acres, so avoid crisscrossing the grounds.  Third, download the pages you need.

Texas Native Forest Boardwalk

Texas Native Forest Boardwalk connects the north and south areas, and the 995-foot boardwalk winds through the woods with thirteen interactive educational stations addressing forest ecology with graphic-enhanced story panels.  A child’s physical fitness challenge trail creates a must-do experience for any visit to the Botanic Garden.

Choose the download for your grade level:


Middle School

High School

Vocabulary Quiz