Education Field Trips

Plant A Seed (K – 2nd Grades)

Follow the steps of the growth process from seed to flower to fruit.  Learn the parts and patterns of a plant.  Explore the Children’s Vegetable Garden and each child plants a minigarden!

TEKS K: 1C; 2A,E; 4B; 9A,B; 10A-D   1st: 1C; 2A; 6A; 7A,B; 10B   2nd: 2A; 7C; 9A-C 

All About Terrariums (3rd – 5th Grades)

Observe a habitat at your fingertips!  Visit a greenhouse and explore an ecosystem.  As a group, create a terrarium with living and non-living elements and take it back to the classroom to observe and evaluate.

TEKS 3rd: 3C; 7A; 9A; 10A-C   4th: 7A; 8B; 9A; 10A,B   5th: 7A; 9A,B,D; 10B

 Wormania! (5th- 8th Grades)

Even a small habitat has variety!  Through observational tests and reasoning, students learn how worms recycle organic matter within a system.  See how biodiversity works to sustain the environment in a fun, wiggly way!

TEKS 5th: 2A-F; 9A   6th: 2A-C; 3A   7th: 2A-C; 3A; 10A; 12A; 13A   8th: 2A-C; 3A; 11B