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*Last entry is an hour before closing

Digital Membership Card FAQs

Your digital membership card functions exactly as your physical membership card. It displays your name, membership level, membership ID, expiration date, and admissions language. Once downloaded, it can be scanned or presented at FWBG admissions for entry.

Access the digital membership card email on your smartphone and select the digital membership link. Select the name of the member whose card you would like to download. For iPhone, select add to Apple Wallet. For Android, first download Wallet Passes OR Google Wallet from Google Play*. Once the app is installed, access the digital membership card email and download your card from the link to your Wallet Passes or Google Wallet app.

Click here for a step-by-step video.

*NOTE: The Wallet Passes app is incompatible with some newer versions of Android OS. If you are unable to download Wallet Passes, use Google Wallet.

Yes! Your current printed membership card will still be valid through its expiration date. When you renew, you will automatically receive a new digital card, but you may opt to continue receiving a printed card if preferred.

Yes. You can download your digital card anytime from our online portal. Once logged in, select your name at the top of the screen. Go to Profile, select Memberships, and then select Digital Membership.

Don’t worry! When you become a member or renew your membership, you will have the opportunity to request a physical card be mailed to you in addition to your digital card. If you requested a physical card but did not receive one in the mail, please contact the membership office.

When digital membership cards are launched in Summer 2022, all current members will receive an email containing a link to download their digital cards. After that, all new members will receive their digital card email within 10 minutes of becoming a member. Look for an email from Fort Worth Botanic Garden titled “Your FWBG Digital Membership Card”.

For renewing members, your downloaded digital card will automatically update with your new expiration date within a few minutes after you renew your membership. If you do not already have your digital card downloaded to your smartphone, visit the member portal here. Login and select Profile, Memberships, then Digital Membership to download your card.

Contact if you have any questions.

If there is only one email address on file for your membership, the link in your digital card email will contain the membership cards for both members on the account. Once you have downloaded your card, you can then forward the email to the secondary member to download their card to their smartphone, or both digital membership cards can be downloaded to and accessed from the same smartphone wallet. If there is an email address on file for both members on a membership, both members will receive an email with links to their own membership cards.

No. Only adults listed on the membership will receive a digital membership card.

To not spoil any surprises, the gift giver can choose which date the gift recipient should receive their digital membership card when purchasing the gift membership. On the selected date, the gift recipient will receive their digital card email to the address listed on the membership form.

Please contact the membership office at or 817-332-7518 for any changes or corrections.



Point of Contact

Emma Bruce Birkhead 

Membership Program Manager

Phone: (817) 332-7518


Brooke Johnson

Membership Coordinator

Phone: (817) 546-8691