Jessica Lane

Herbarium Coordinator

MS in Biology, University of Texas at Arlington

BS in Biology, University of Texas at Arlington

Jessica started working with the Philecology Herbarium as an intern in 2018. As her primary project, she curated specimens of threatened and endangered plants in the Vanderbilt collection. In 2019, she worked on two National Science Foundation grant funded projects – CSBR: RAPID: Ownership Transfer: Moving the University of Louisiana-Monroe herbarium to BRIT and the Digitization TCN: Collaborative Research: The Pteridological Collections Consortium: An integrative approach to pteridophyte diversity over the last 420 million years.

In 2020, Jessica accepted the position of Herbarium Assistant and became a general herbarium staff member. Since then, she has worked on various projects to curate and digitize herbarium specimens. Her primary focus is the physical curation of the collection, including mounting and filing of specimens.

photo of Jessica Lane


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