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Discovery Cart: Herbarium 101


Discovery Carts are a way for FWBG volunteers to interact with guests through a portable, self-curated, themed activity. Spring 2024 Herbarium intern, Molly Harris, curated an herbarium discovery activity to feature in these FWBG Discovery Carts. You can view and download this activity from home!

New Library Exhibit Shines a Spotlight on Trailblazing Texas Botanists

First description of bluebonnet - Curtis Botanical Magazine 1836

The botanists of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden stand in a long line of scientists who study the plants of Texas. A new exhibit at the BRIT Library, “Voyages of Discovery: Trailblazing Texas Botanists,” tells the story of these pioneering naturalists and their contributions to science.

Armchair Botany and the Andes to Amazon Biodiversity Program: Volunteers Make Scientists’ Hard Work Accessible

Herbarium specimen from AABP project - Blakea spindet

Important botanical science happens in the field. Researchers tramp across habitats, sometimes in remote and rugged regions of the world, collect plant samples, document the distribution of species and study ecosystems in action. Later those scientists return to the lab with boxes of specimens, and a new and equally important phase of research begins. Scientists label, mount and digitize specimens to make them accessible to the global science community. They become a resource that can be studied in multiple contexts–as part of an ecosystem or as a member of a particular plant family, for example.

The Botany of Bluebonnets, Texas’s Favorite Flower

Row of bright blue and white bluebonnets

The bluebonnets are in bloom across North Texas, splashing waves of blue across hillsides and plains. Conditions this year were just right for brilliant display of color, and you can expect to see families plunking their kids down in the middle of blooming patches for photos all weekend.