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Protect Your Ash Trees from the Devastating Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald ash borer beetle on a damaged ash tree

Hundreds of thousands of ash trees in North Texas are under threat from a small and unassuming beetle: the emerald ash borer (EAB). The half-inch-long insect may look harmless, but anyone with an ash on their property should take action now to protect their trees.

Garden and Union Gospel Mission Win Award to Revamp Backyard Vegetable Garden

Horticulturists are hard at work preparing the Backyard Vegetable Garden for upgrades and renovations that will allow the Garden to increase production and begin sharing the harvest with the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (UGM-TC). The upgrades are possible thanks to a recent award from the American Public Gardens Association and the United State Botanic Garden as part of their Urban Agriculture Resilience Program.

For Surefire Winter Color, Remember Pansies

Cheerful pruple, white and yellow pansies

The most popular annual in winter in north Texas is undoubtedly the pansy. But don’t let it ubiquity leave you to take it for granted. For winter color, pansies can’t be beat.

Plant Trees Now to Create a Shady Oasis for Years to Come

Orange and gold oak leaves

Gardeners must learn to operate on multiple time scales at once, simultaneously planning weeks, months and years ahead. Want tomatoes in July? Plant them in May. Bluebonnets in April? Start planning in October. A flowering shrub in 2027? Start shopping now. The most long-term thought goes into trees. Magnificent and magical, trees can take a decade or more to reach their potential. That’s a long time to wait, but the benefits could last generations.

Embrace the Philosophy of Japanese Gardening to Create Your Own Place of Reflection and Renewal

Japanese Garden in Autumn

When guests wander the quiet paths of the Japanese Garden, it’s not unusual for them to stop at the top of the Moon Bridge and say, “I wish I had a place like this at home.” That might seem impossible–the Japanese Garden is the result of 50 years of hard work by dedicated horticulturists. But Nick Esthus, Japanese Garden horticultural manager, says Japanese gardening is within the reach of anyone ready to embrace it.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Citrus Trees

Two yellow lemons on a tree

Picture it: you wake on a lovely fall day, walk onto your patio and pick a Satsuma mandarin from your very own tree. You peel back back the bright orange skin and bite into a perfectly ripe, tart yet sweet, orange. This could be you–with a little time, a little knowledge and a citrus tree of your own. The good news? You can find the knowledge and the trees at the upcoming Fall Plant Sale. The time you’ll need to provide yourself.