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*Last entry is an hour before closing

Butterfly Pysanky

Registration for this class is now closed. We hope to see you for another Botanical Creative Arts class soon! Imagine if the fate of the world depended on annual rituals of creating decorated eggs to thwart evil spirits, welcome spring and the return of the sun, and offer prayers for wealth and good harvest. Such […]

New Library Exhibit Shines a Spotlight on Trailblazing Texas Botanists

First description of bluebonnet - Curtis Botanical Magazine 1836

The botanists of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden stand in a long line of scientists who study the plants of Texas. A new exhibit at the BRIT Library, “Voyages of Discovery: Trailblazing Texas Botanists,” tells the story of these pioneering naturalists and their contributions to science.

Capture the Beauty of the Natural World through Printmaking with Plants

Woodblock print of magnolia flower by Laura Post. Copyright Laura Post.

Many people appreciate books as doors to other worlds, treasuries of knowledge and archives of human thought. But books can be more than the words or images reproduced on their pages–they can themselves be works of art. The cover, the pages, the binding, even the paper itself can be an expression of creativity. Fort Worth artist and printmaker Laura Post will share ideas and processes for creating one-of-a-kind books inspired by the flowers, trees and shrubs of the Botanic Garden in summer at a two-day workshop on Aug. 11 and 12.

Beauty in Blue: Exploring the Earliest Form of Photography, Cyanotypes

Cyanotype image in blue and white of leaves by photographer Edgar Miller

A cyanotype is a magical thing. White shapes emerge ghost-like against an indigo-blue background, revealing a negative image in a striking monochrome palette. Cyanotypes also carry a rich history of the earliest experiments in photography–and yet they are remarkably easy to create. You can learn all about cyanotypes and create your own magical blue images in an upcoming workshop with Fort Worth photographer Edgar Miller.

Art and Science Meet in New Exhibition “Illuminations”

The worlds of art and science interact in fascinating ways in a new exhibit opening Feb. 17 at the BRIT Building. “Dornith Doherty: Illuminations: Past, Present, and Future of Fern Research” presents new large-scale artworks that engage with the past, chronicle the present and project our possible ecological futures.

Unplug and Unwind by Practicing “Shinrin-Yoku,” aka Forest Bathing

Red Maple trees in the Japanese Garden

Contemporary life is full of millions of stimuli fighting for your attention. We are bombarded with alerts, notifications, pop-ups and announcements. Contrast this type of frantic living with the peaceful experience of being within nature. Trees and flowers demand nothing of you. You are free to notice what you want, or simply to be. This experience has been given a name in Japan. It is called “shinrin-yoku,” which translates to “forest bathing,” using “bathing” to mean immersing yourself within something. The term was introduced in Japan in the 1980s to encourage people to disconnect from technology and spend time outdoors.