Gretchen and Stanley Jones Palynological Collection

In spring 2014, BRIT received the gift of the Gretchen and Stanley Jones Palynological Collection (a special collection for the study of pollen), personally built by Dr. Gretchen Jones over her career at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) where she was a Palynological Research Botanist with the Agricultural Research Service. This gift consisted of 150+ hard-bound […]

Plant Identification

Multiple plant identification books are available for use at local libraries, for purchase at bookstores, or for use in the BRIT library. Try to find a book that uses an illustrated glossary to assist in defining terms you might encounter when using the dichotomous key to identify your collection. It is always helpful to use […]

Acquisitions, Loans, and Exchanges

The BRIT Herbarium grows through the active exchange of plant material with other institutions, the acquisition of orphaned or donated herbaria, and donations of plant material by independent botanical collectors.  Although BRIT is interested in receiving material from all continents, we have a particular interest in specimens collected in Texas, the southeastern United States, the […]

Pondering Poaceae Across Texas

Dan Caudle discusses his interest in grasses and grasslands, giving particular attention to his work with Meredith Ellis, a young rancher and committed conservationist in Cooke County, Texas.