*Last entry is an hour before closing


*Last entry is an hour before closing

Native Bee Homes

Registration for this class is now closed. We hope to see you for another Botany & Nature class soon! Who are our native bees? How may we encourage these important ecosystem partners to visit (and nest in) our yard, and why do we want them there? Come learn about many of our native Texan bees, […]

Grow Your Mind at the Garden in 2024 with New Classes and Workshops

Photographing Butterflies in the Garden

The Garden’s Adult Education staff are excited to introduce a 2024 class line-up driven by the organization’s mission to “explore the critically important world of plants, collaborate to discover the role they play in our cultural and natural environments, and engage people to conserve nature and improve the human experience.”

Butterfly Pysanky

Click here to register now! Imagine if the fate of the world depended on annual rituals of creating decorated eggs to thwart evil spirits, welcome spring and the return of the sun, and offer prayers for wealth and good harvest. Such are the origins of Pysanky, the ancient Ukrainian art of decorating eggs. Dating to […]

Make Your Own Magic When You Start Your Garden from Seeds

Seedlings just appearing indoors

Remember when you were a kid and you planted a tiny seed in a little styrofoam cup? Remember the magical moment when that tiny seedling emerged from the soil? It was like a superpower: you created life! You can recreate that experience on a large scale when you start your summer garden from seeds this winter. Our January workshop will give you tools and the know-how to make this magic for yourself.

Headed to Lightscape? Learn How to Capture the Dazzle with our Holiday Lights Photography Workshop

Lightscape 2023: Tree outlined with neon lights

Last year, you probably loved Lightscape, but did you love the photos that you came home with? It’s hard to take good photos at night! And it’s common to be disappointed the next day when the photos you expected to be full of light and magic to appear dark and dreary. Learn how to tackle this challenge with professional photographer Edgar Miller at one of two upcoming Holiday Lights Night Photography workshops.

Meditation in Motion: Discovering Tai Chi

Group of students practice tai chi

Slow, deliberate, beautiful movement is the essence of tai chi. A practice that melds the mind and the body, tai chi improves balance and muscle strength while reducing stress and calming the mind. And you can learn all about it in the Garden’s upcoming wellness series, 24-Form Tai Chi.

Houseplants 101

Registration for this class is now closed. We hope to see you for another Horticulture & Gardening class soon! Do you have a black thumb? Fear not! Houseplants 101 is for beginner plant-parents and anyone who has trouble keeping houseplants alive. Our expert instructor will guide you through basic types of houseplants, water and light […]

Learning about Herbs: Chamomile

Registration for this class is now closed. We hope to see you for another Food & Wellness class soon! Cozy up with chamomile in November! Small but mighty, this sweet, sunshine-y herb holds many gifts perfect for easing us into the darker winter season. Join us for an herbal tea tasting and learn about chamomile’s […]