Meditation in Motion: Discovering Tai Chi

Group of students practice tai chi

Slow, deliberate, beautiful movement is the essence of tai chi. A practice that melds the mind and the body, tai chi improves balance and muscle strength while reducing stress and calming the mind. And you can learn all about it in the Garden’s upcoming wellness series, 24-Form Tai Chi.

Houseplants 101

Click here to register now! Do you have a black thumb? Fear not! Houseplants 101 is for beginner plant-parents and anyone who has trouble keeping houseplants alive. Our expert instructor will guide you through basic types of houseplants, water and light requirements, propagation tips, pot sizes, fertilization and how to diagnose and treat common plant […]

Learning about Herbs: Chamomile

Click here to register now! Cozy up with chamomile in November! Small but mighty, this sweet, sunshine-y herb holds many gifts perfect for easing us into the darker winter season. Join us for an herbal tea tasting and learn about chamomile’s properties. We’ll also share recipes and tips to grow fresh chamomile at home. You’ll […]

Learning about Herbs: Elder

Click here to register now! Explore the mysteries of elder in October! Join us to learn the rich history and lore of this beautiful plant with purple berries and creamy flowers. We’ll have an herbal tea tasting and learn about elder’s properties. We’ll try some DIY recipes using elderflowers and berries and review tips on […]

Learn About Fall Bulbs

Click here to register now! Cooling weather means it’s time to plant your fall bulbs!  Join us to learn everything you need to know to ensure gorgeous blooms this spring.  Our expert instructor will cover types of bulbs, recommendations for North Texas soils, light and water requirements, and best practices for planting, watering and fertilizing […]

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme: Exploring the World of Herbs

Thyme, rosemary and lavender on a white plate

For many people, herbs may conjure a mental image of an aisle at the grocery store and tiny bottles filled with dried flakes labeled “Rosemary,” “Oregano” and “Thyme.” But this is only one way to experience herbs. Certainly herbs can enhance your cooking, but they offer much more. “Herbs provide a lot of hope,” says Andrea Garcia, Fort Worth dietician and herb enthusiast. “They may not be able to fix everything, but they can ease things, make things better.”

Family Workshop: Sugar Skulls


Click here to register now! This beloved ¡Celebramos! classic is back: children aged 6-12 years and their families are invited to join us in making unique sugar skulls! A local artist will help guide children and their families as each participant receives a sugar skull to decorate. Be inspired by the fall colors of the […]

How to Grow Plants in a Container Garden

Registration for this class is now closed. We hope to see you for another Horticulture & Gardening class soon! Want to know how to plant an eye-catching and long-blooming container garden that is low-maintenance and able to survive the temperature extremes of North Texas? In this class, you will learn the design principles of using […]

Capture the Beauty of the Natural World through Printmaking with Plants

Woodblock print of magnolia flower by Laura Post. Copyright Laura Post.

Many people appreciate books as doors to other worlds, treasuries of knowledge and archives of human thought. But books can be more than the words or images reproduced on their pages–they can themselves be works of art. The cover, the pages, the binding, even the paper itself can be an expression of creativity. Fort Worth artist and printmaker Laura Post will share ideas and processes for creating one-of-a-kind books inspired by the flowers, trees and shrubs of the Botanic Garden in summer at a two-day workshop on Aug. 11 and 12.

AgriLife Series: Berry Mocktails

Click here to register now! Join our exciting mocktail class and discover the vibrant world of berry-based concoctions! Dabble in the art of mixology as our instructors guide you through crafting non-alcoholic beverages using a medley of succulent berries. From refreshing raspberry mojitos to luscious blueberry margaritas, this class will leave your taste buds tingling […]