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Highlights from the Oliver G. Burk Children’s Library

As part of the BRIT LIbrary’s summer internship, Annie Martin, our summer intern, is highlighting a selection of books from the Oliver G. Burk Children’s Library Collection. Over the course of the summer more items will be added so please check back!

The Court of Flora: Les Fleurs Animees; the Engraved Illustrations of J.J. Grandville

Arguably one of the most famous artists of 19thcentury France, J.J. Grandville made a name for himself in inspiring Surrealist art with his political cartoons. Known as the “King of Caricature”, Grandville’s art has been enjoyed for over a century. This collection of flora-inspired illustrations are the perfect showing of Grandville’s groundbreaking work. 

Where Does A Butterfly Go When It Rains? By Mary Barelick; Illustrated By Leonard Weisgard

A charming and quiet book that asks the question; where do the wildlife go when it rains? Accompanied by sweet, nostalgic illustrations, this book is a delight! 

A Seed Is A Promise By Claire Merrill; Illustrated By Susan Swan

Along with a friendly bee, follow the journey of a seed as it grows. With lovely watercolors and concise facts, this is a wonderful look into what seeds give us.

Plants That Never Bloom by Ruth Heller

Plants without flowers can be just as beautiful! Dive into the fascinating realm of ferns, lichens, fungi, algae, and more in this colorful guide.

Backyard Flowers by Polly Hathaway illustrated by Raul Mina Mora

Encourage the budding gardener in your life with this cheerful guide to growing in your own backyard. Learn the best plants for certain environments, and borrow ideas for gardening plots with this fun read. 

What Is A Fruit? A Golden Book

Golden Books never disappoint, and this is no exception! Explore the world of fruits in this delightful picture book filled with all of your favorites; from citrus fruits to figs, this book celebrates them all. 

Watch Out, It’s Poison Ivy! by Peter R. Limburg; illustrations by Haris Petie 

Poison ivy is best avoided at all costs! Learn all you need to know about poison ivy this summer in this informative guide; like where to find it, how to identify it, and the best way to treat it’s harmful effects.  

See Through the Sea by Millicent Selsam and Betty Morrow 

Enjoy the ecology of the sea in this underwater exploration of ocean life. This book describes oceanic plants and animals, and how they interact with one another. 

What We Find When We Look at Molds by William D. Gray

Learn about the origins of molds, all their various forms, and where to find them in this colorful guide. With fun facts and experiments to try at home, this book will introduce you to the world of molds. 

The First Book of Wild Flowers by Betty Cavanna; illustrations by Page Cart

Written in 1961, this charming book introduces young readers to various wildflowers by family, season, and region. Alongside beautiful hand-painted illustrations, this is a wonderful and informative first guide to wildflowers. 

An Age of Flowers by Doris L. Swarthout 

Simultaneously discover Victorian American history and the role of flowering plants in both literature and society in this delightful book by historian Doris Swarthout. Full of illustrations and excerpts from publications of the time, this is a true glimpse into the flowers of an era. 

The Oliver G. Burk Children’s Collection is a treasure of both rare and new books on botany and natural history. The Oliver G. Burk Children’s Library was donated by William R. Burk in honor of his father. This wonderful collection is composed of children’s books on botany and natural history, published during a span of three centuries, with the oldest volume dating to 1790.

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