Cover of the book "My Father is the Gardener"

Book Signing and Workshop Discuss Finding Spiritual Solace through Gardening

Join the author and illustrator of the new BRIT Press title My Father is the Gardener for a panel discussion, book signing and workshop for insights into the plants and flowers of the Bible and how they can bring meaning to every day life.

Begin with a forum with author Shelley Cramm, book designer Becky Horn, artist Layla Luna, photographer Gary Logan and project director Barney Lipscomb on Friday, Feb. 24 from 6 to 8 pm. The evening will include the history of the project and details of its production along with a Q&A session. It will conclude with a book signing and reception.

Return the next day, Saturday, Feb. 25, for a workshop hosted by Cramm. She will present the plants featured in the book and discuss their meaning and significance. The Garden’s Crissa Nugen will then offer planting and growing tips. Participants will receive a map of Biblical plants in the Garden to conduct their own botanical treasure hunt along with seedlings of some of the plants discussed.

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