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Botanic Garden Beauty Bus

Beauty Bus an Immediate Hit with Guests Excited to Visit the Garden in Comfort

Beauty Bus driver welcomes guests to the free shuttle service

The Garden’s new free shuttle service, the Beauty Bus, has been celebrated as a wonderful addition by guests, who are taking to social media to share their excitement.

“Just what the Garden needed!,” wrote one poster on Facebook. “Wonderful!” said another, and “Wow! That’s awesome!” wrote a third poster.

Some guests with mobility challenges said that the bus would allow them to visit the Garden for the first time in years. “I’ve wanted to go so bad but I was afraid our pain would ruin it! I am thrilled!” said one poster. Another wrote, “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I stopped going to the gardens because I’m unable to walk all day long. Now, I’ll be back.”

Updated Accessibility Guide
Guests are invited to check out our updated Accessibility Guide for detailed information about visiting the Garden. The guide is intended to help guests with disabilities or special needs prepare for their visit, but it can help anyone with questions about noise levels, restroom access, and dual language services. Guests unable to access the Garden for financial resasons will also find information about programs that offer free or reduced admission.

Our goal is to make the Garden welcoming for all and to provide the best possible guest experience. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by emailing or calling 817-332-4441.

Parents of young children were also enthusiastic. “Oh this will be so great! Many memories of getting my kids all the way to the Japanese gardens (their favorite place) and then having the heat and attitudes kick in and having to carry too much and too large kids all the way back,” said one commenter.

Even the most physically fit guests may find it refreshing to catch a quick ride back to the Garden Center in air-conditioned comfort on a hot day–or heated comfort on a cold one. Guests attending for photoshoots will also be glad to be delivered directly to the Shelter House rather than have to walk there, possibly in a wedding gown and veil or an elaborate quinceañera dress.

The Beauty Bus runs every half hour from 11 am to close on all days the Garden is open. The bus route travels from the Garden Center to the main Japanese Garden entrance and the Shelter House at the top of the Rose Ramp. Guests can board or depart at any of these stops.

Thank you to all who have welcomed the Beauty Bus. We hope it makes the Garden more welcoming to all.

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