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LEED Self-Guided Tour

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Welcome to the self-guided LEED tour!

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a green building rating system from the U.S. Green Building Council. The BRIT building and external landscape were awarded a Platinum rating in 2011 for implementing a host of sustainable design features.

The links below correspond to LEED-feature signage found around the BRIT building and the campus immediately outside the BRIT building. The signage provides information about the feature as well as information about things you can do at home. This extra information is accessible in two ways. Guests can dial a local phone number to hear an audio recording (in either English and Spanish) or they can use a smartphone to link automatically (using QR codes) to additional content online. Look for the following symbol on the signs to access the web content.

The Sustainability Tour map will help guide you between these stations. It can be found in the Welcome Center or Gift Shop on the first floor.

For increased accessibility, the additional information for each feature (or “Zone”) is also linked below.

Zone 10 – Will a retention pond work for me?

Zone 15 – How can I save on my heating and cooling costs?

Zone 20 – How can I help reduce air pollution where I live?

Zone 25 – Why grow Native?

Zone 30 – Why pay more for energy efficient lighting?

Zone 35 – Got puddles?

Zone 40 – No room for a cistern?

Zone 45 – Yearning for a home on the range?

Zone 50 – How can I use less and reuse more?

Zone 55 – How can I save water at home?

Zone 60 – How can I put the sun’s energy to work for me?

Zone 65 – What if a green roof is not in my future?

Zone 70 – How can I find recovered wood for projects at home?

Zone 75 – How can I save energy using daylight?

Zone 80 – What are other options for rapidly renewable materials?

Zone 85 – Want to be cool?

Zone 90 – How do I improve the air quality in my home or office?

Zone 95 – Watts up? Your electric bill?


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