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July 2022 Newsletter

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Engage: With the FWBG | BRIT Community

Fountain bubbles in the Leonard Courtyard

Beat the Heat at the Garden this Summer

It’s one of those summers. The heat is relentless, the drought shows no sign of stopping and autumn feels like a long time away. It’s tempting to stay inside with the AC blasting. But the Garden can still provide a welcome respite and a breath of fresh air. Just follow these tips to beat the heat.

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Garden: What's in Bloom

Texas Lantana - lantana urticoides

Learn How to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plants through Smart Shopping and Native-Friendly Gardening

Readers of this newsletter are savvy and environmentally aware—most know that invasive plants threaten the environment and native plants support a healthy ecosystem. But it’s not always easy. You might go to your local garden center looking for a native plant like lantana, take it home and plant it in your garden. You’ve done a good thing, right? Maybe. Maybe not. How do you know that the variety of lantana you purchased is native lantana?

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Research: From Plant to Planet

Learn: Stay Curious

Plant: The Seeds of an Environmental STEM Education

Teach Observation Skills this Summer with Three Simple Prompts: I Notice, I Wonder and This Reminds Me

The scientific method begins with observation, yet observation isn’t often taught. Parents and teachers assume that students know how to observe without explaining that observing isn’t simply looking. It’s a way of engaging with the natural world that employs multiple senses, draws on existing knowledge and raises questions for further discussion. Learn more about how to teach your children how to observe.

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