Garden History

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden was completed in 1973. It is a traditional stroll garden with winding paths through the landscapes and around ponds. The Garden consists of 7.5 acres filled with cherry trees, Japanese maples, magnolias, bamboo, bridges, and ponds which are home to over 1,200 Koi fish.

Except in the spring, there are few flowers blooming in the Japanese Garden due to the Japanese practice of Mono no Aware. Mono no Aware translates to transient/bittersweet beauty, meaning if the garden was always blooming it would never be special.

Wedding tours of the Japanese Garden are available by appointment (817.392.5464).

Festivals are hosted in the spring and fall in the Japanese Garden. For more information, please visit the event page. #FWBG

The Moon Bridge is currently closed for repair, for information on the Moon Bridge please click HERE.

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