Texas Native Forest Boardwalk

The Texas Native Forest Boardwalk is a living outdoor classroom—an elevated boardwalk with viewing platforms and educational features that also acts as a pathway connecting major features of the Botanic Garden. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in the native forest and to encourage visitors to use what they discover about stewardship and conservation in their own home environment.

Educational activities on the Boardwalk are designed to engage both children and parents/grandparents. Children can test their skills with activities like walking on balance beam logs, crawling through fabricated hollow trees, visiting a “log hotel” which demonstrates what types of animals live in a forest habitat, and using spotting scopes and whisper tubes. They learn while having a good time.

  • North Entrance Closeup - K. Cook
  • Listening At the Whisper Tube - Stephanie Potter
  • Fall Afternoon - Dave Albright
  • Boardwalk Education Area - Ricky Lee
  • Benches on Boardwalk - Dave Albright
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