TODAY’S HOURS: 8 am – 6 pm 

David Rogers’ Big Bugs

Have a BIG experience when encountering some not-so-tiny bugs. These over-sized, whimsical sculptures will make you appreciate insect life in a whole new way.

Insects outnumber us one million to one. Many live in communal groups working as one for the common good of all. Their ranks include engineers, soldiers, weightlifters, weavers, hunters, stalkers, gatherers, and even royalty.

“When you take this remarkable and diverse group of ‘hidden gardeners’ and recreate them on a gigantic scale using all-natural materials, you have Big Bugs,” said Patrick Newman CEO and President. “The stunning effect is a role reversal of dimension and perception that kids of all ages will absolutely love.”

The sculptures are created using various combinations of whole trees, cut green saplings, dry branches and other forest materials.  Audiences will marvel or stand bug-eyed before the larger-than-life insect sculptures and gain an appreciation for these invaluable members of the animal kingdom.

Exhibit viewing is included with the price of Garden admission. Members receive free entry.

Images courtesy of David Rogers’ Big Bugs


Ramona L. and Lee M. Bass

Mary Cauble
GWR Foundation Fund at North Texas Community Foundation


Searching for Big Bugs on campus? Use this map as a guide:


Mar 11 2022 - Jun 12 2022


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The event is finished.