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December 2021 Newsletter

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Research: From Plant to Planet

Learn: Stay Curious

Take a Deep Breath to Manage Holiday Stress

We are deep into the holiday season, and could there be anything more wonderful—or more stressful? Most Decembers are accompanied by angst over gift shopping, budget balancing, house decorating, party going, cookie baking and family gathering. But 2021 has its own special flavor of stress. We’re here to tell you it’s all going to be okay. Just take a deep breath. We mean it. Take a deep breath. Simply by slowing down your breathing, you can reduce stress during the holidays and every day after.

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Plant: The Seeds of an Environmental STEM Education

Garden: What's in Bloom

White and yellow daffodil close up

For Brilliant Spring Color, Plant Your Bulbs Now

December is bulb-planting month in the Garden. This year, nearly 150,000 bulbs, including tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, are being planted by grounds staff and volunteers. “It’s a lot of work to plant this many bulbs, but the results will be stunning in March and early April,” says Sr. Horticulturist Steve Huddleston. Home gardeners should also get their bulbs in the ground this month for the best results come spring. Learn more about the best bulbs for north central Texas to get started.

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Gold star within a Christmas tree
Child at activity station explores textures and colors of plants
Lotus position outdoors in autumn