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Community Conservation

Texas is home to 448 rare vascular plant species, including 113 species categorized by NatureServe as Critically Imperiled (G1) and at high risk for extinction. For many of these species only a handful of individual plants remain in the wild. These plants are faced with increasing levels of threats, with population growth and the resulting development, land use changes, invasive species, and now climate change all threatening to push our rarest species closer to extinction.

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BRIT Research

National DNA Day

A Peek Inside Sumner Lab on National DNA Day Lab Volunteer, Jerrod Stone, shares his experience and the latest projects April 26th is National DNA

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Herbarium Curation Projects


A xylarium, xylotheque, and xylothek are all words to describe a collection of wood (the Greek word for “wood” is xylon). In trees, the secondary xylem, the tissue that transports

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