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April 2023 Newsletter

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Plant: The Seeds of an Environmental STEM Education

Research: From Plant to Planet

Row of bright blue and white bluebonnets

The Botany of Bluebonnets, Texas’s Favorite Flower

The bluebonnets are in bloom across North Texas, splashing waves of blue across hillsides and plains. Conditions this year were just right for brilliant display of color, and you can expect to see families plunking their kids down in the middle of blooming patches for photos all weekend.

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Learn: Stay Curious

Connect with Nature to Find Healing and Wholeness

So much of modern life is conducted in artificial spaces–offices, cars, stores, parking lots. Individuals can spend days–perhaps even weeks–without their feet ever touching soil. We lose something when our connection to nature is severed, says to Sara Southerland, holistic coach and sound healing practitioner.

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Garden: What's in Bloom

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Woman in pink kimono performs a traditional dance at the Japanese Festival
Cluster of white rusty blackhaw viburnum flowers
Cover of childrens book And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano