Fern and Lycophyte Collections at the BRIT Herbarium

Taxonomy and Evolution of Ferns and Lycophytes Program Currently, we make part of a three-year grant from the United States National Science Foundation to digitize and image the approximately 40,000 specimens of ferns and lycophytes in the BRIT’s herbarium. Pteridoportal is the data portal, where you can access the digitized herbarium specimens. In addition to BRIT, 35 other institutions are […]

Documentary Short Film “Stickman” Marks Completion of Stickwork Exhibition

Nationally acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty finished his latest Stickwork sculpture in February and today, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden | Botanical Research Institute of Texas (FWBG|BRIT) and local video production company EC Films release “Stickman,” a five-minute documentary short film tracing the exhibition’s installation to completion.

Microscope Slide Collection

The BRIT Microscope Slide Collection incorporates over 16,000 glass microscope slides, representing an important resource for the study of pollen and plant anatomy.